Pioneer Nuggets | Puff N Chill

Pioneer Nuggets | Puff N Chill

Take a quantum leap!

There are customers of a certain age that see particular strains and start to wax nostalgic. When those folks see the Acapulco Gold lovingly produced by Pioneer Nuggets,┬áthen get ready for a story about that time when…

Pioneer Nuggets is one of the premier cannabis producers in Washington and they have cultivated a reputation for excellence that is well deserved. Not only do they produce the classics like the Acapulco Gold, but other standard bearing strains like White Widow show off the way things should be done. The craft and love inherent to everything they do is self evident. You can tell by the trim. Not overly hacked, but closely cropped, every bud looks like it was sculpted and manicured to show off its best traits. The cure brings out the best of the terpenes to deliver robust full flavors, excellent on the nose and the palate, from those peppery hash flavors of the Quantum Kush, through the fruity berry notes of the Blueberry Silvertip. The product is packaged with the correct level of moisture so it is never too dry or too wet.

Taking a peep through the magnifying glass opens up another level of success. The trichromes literally burst with gooey cannabinoids, resinous terpenes, dripping flavonoids. The profusion of trichromes in Pioneer Nuggets exemplifies the high level of expertise that goes into growing some fine ass weed.

From the retail perspective, Pioneer Nuggets makes things easier on both sides of the counter. Customers come to expect a level of consistency and budtenders never have to explain why one lot number of a batch of Snoop’s Dream looks so much better or worse than the last batch for example. The buds all tend to be perfectly sized, not too big and full of stems, nor too small and better suited to being sold as “popcorn buds”. Pioneer Nuggets just delivers the goods every time, including in the full gram joint pre-rolls.

So, when someone tells you about how hot the disco was bumping, and recalls how great the Acapulco Gold was from that dealer that used to bring it up from Mexico in a guitar case with a Rolling Stone sticker on it, then take a puff and chill on a fat doob of Acapulco Gold and enjoy reliving the moment via Pioneer Nuggets. It gets more interesting by the minute.