Prime-Juana Day! | Puff N Chill Online Order Discount

Prime-Juana Day! | Puff N Chill Online Order Discount

Prime-Juana Day for Primo Products

Amazon might have taken over Seattle in its march to take over the world and their big sale known as #amazonprimeday is big biz. However, whether you shop at that market that is better known in these parts as Whole Paycheck or not, you can take still take advantage of the canna-biz version which is being called #primejuanaday . Puff N Chill is in a unique position to take advantage of the hoopla by offering online ordering. So, for all online orders today there is a whopping 15% discount!

No restrictions, first time customers or people that our convenient online ordering for all their cannabis needs, everyone can enjoy the simple pleasures of no waiting in line, getting what they ordered before it sells out, and the satisfaction of big savings by ordering their pot online.

Everyone wants to know where’s weed near me? But once everyone figures out that part of the equation then the question is “how can I get what I want before it sells out and how fast can I get in and out of there to enjoy it?” Puff N Chill takes these issues seriously. That is why we love our online ordering system for weed purchases. Of course, folks have to show up to present ID and pay for the product, but maybe someday we will be able to ship it when hopefully the day comes when marijuana is legal nationwide and can be ordered as easily online as a bottle of wine on Prime Day at Amazon.

Until then, ordering pot online is easy enough and certainly makes for greater convenience and Puff N Chill is happy to ride the hype wave the Amazon promotion generates.

Drive Thru Pot Shop Video!

Drive Thru Pot Shop Video!

Washington’s first “Drive Thru Pot Shop“!

This is the footage from the security cameras from the day when a driver came through the wall and made us Washington’s first drive thru  pot shop.

Puff N Chill had a crazy day when a car drove straight through the wall. The cops showed up and tested the driver but turns out he was not intoxicated at all and so he didn’t get taken away in cuffs… instead… after his car was pulled out of the wall he came in and actually ended up buying a doobie! 

getting wrecked…

As you can see in the video, the budtender and the manager were inches away from catastrophic injuries but by some sort of divine intervention and remarkable good luck, both came away with only very minor bruises and scratches and a huge dose of adrenaline rush.