7/10 OIL DAY! | Puff N Chill STOREWIDE SALE!

7/10 OIL DAY! | Puff N Chill STOREWIDE SALE!

Afghani Kush Sugar Wax

4/20 is not the only weed holiday nowadays. 7/10 is now officially known as OIL day! (Get it?) Well if you don’t then do a huge dab, stand on your head, and look into a mirror while holding the numbers “7” and “10” in your hands. If still don’t get it then we will have to do something about that… like throwing a huge sale on our waxes, oils, shatters, distillates, and sugar terps. If you come into Puff N Chill on 7/10 then you can look forward to a lot of awesome savings on the best concentrates in Washington.

We have the Blue Sky Cherry Pie shatter marked down, all the Regulators marked down, Quazy Train, Acapulco Gold, Jack Herer, and more all marked down from their already ridiculously low prices. Some are marked down by 15%! Have you ever tasted how good the Artizen distillates wash the palate in a bouquet of flavors that make you feel like dancing through wildflowers on a hot sunny day, buzzing like a bumble bee and skipping along like a rock tossed across a lake like glass? Well, yes, they actually are that freaking good.

If you have never tried any of the waxes like the pull and snaps from 710 then you are missing out on all the great ways to extract the thc and all the terps from cannabis extracts. Puff n Chill has a wide selection of canna extracts in many forms to suit every preference. We are also known for having some of the best and the cheapest dabs in town. If you are a newcommer to the world of cannabis extracts then have no fear since our staff will be happy to share the love and knowledge of the product.


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