Puff N Chill is a medically endorsed recreational cannabis dispensary offering legal marijuana in Lynnwood WA, serving also the North Seattle, King County area as well as Everett, in South Snohomish County. Puff N Chill features the best top tier cannabis producers and processors and offers excellent service and the most competitive pricing along the “green mile” on Highway 99.

Puff N Chill offers discrete parking, and provides a comfortable atmosphere for purchasing recreational marijuana as well as being one of the few cannabis dispensaries in the area to be medically endorsed. Our knowledgeable staff answers questions politely and accurately and treats the experienced consumer and the first timer with equal respect.

Puff N Chill stocks its shelves with Washington States best cannabis products, including Surefire, Phat Panda, Pioneer Nuggets, Northwest Cannabis Solutions, Doc Croc, Mother Nature’s Own, Dama, Spot, Zoot, and many more. All products in the store have been tested by the staff and rated for a wide range of criteria from flavor to potency and more and the reviews are provided on the company website. Customers are also encouraged to provide reviews and make suggestions for cannabis products to carry.

Puff N Chill carries everything from premium cannabis flower, to wax, and other co2 and bho concentrates like high terpene sugars, shatter, and other dabs. Of course, we carry cannabis infused edibles, everything from pot brownies, to cannabis infused breath mints, weed chocolates, tinctures, drops, massage oil and other marijuana infused topicals.

Medical patients are welcomed. If a patient is in the State system, then Puff N Chill can create the identity card which entitles patients to purchase cannabis without having to pay State sales tax. Additionally, Puff N Chill provides an additional discount to all medical patients.

There are also military discounts available, and every day there are daily discounts on the wide variety of cannabis products in the store. Typically, every Friday, there is a “Vendor Day” when our producers come into to the shop to answer questions about their marijuana companies, and their products get put on sale.

The Puff N Chill staff reviews all the incoming products so they are highly informed about the companies, the strains, the processing methods, the ingredients in the canna infused edibles, and more. Our goal is to give honest and informed advice about the products we carry and will always try to find our customers and patients the perfect cannabis for their happiness or health.


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