Drive Thru Pot Shop Video!

Drive Thru Pot Shop Video!

Washington’s first “Drive Thru Pot Shop“!

This is the footage from the security cameras from the day when a driver came through the wall and made us Washington’s first drive thru  pot shop.

Puff N Chill had a crazy day when a car drove straight through the wall. The cops showed up and tested the driver but turns out he was not intoxicated at all and so he didn’t get taken away in cuffs… instead… after his car was pulled out of the wall he came in and actually ended up buying a doobie! 

getting wrecked…

As you can see in the video, the budtender and the manager were inches away from catastrophic injuries but by some sort of divine intervention and remarkable good luck, both came away with only very minor bruises and scratches and a huge dose of adrenaline rush.

Washington’s First Drive Thru Pot Shop!

puffNchill gets a remodel when a car drives through the wall
Washington’s first drive-thru pot shop!

On 4/9/17, PuffNChill became Washington’s first drive thru pot shop when a let’s just say… highly enthusiastic… customer drove his Ford Explorer through the wall. Very, very fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident so we are thankfully able to laugh about the situation and be thankful for great insurance. Quite remarkably, a number of customers that came in during the crisis offered to help and we are so grateful to all of them for being there for us during a difficult situation.

washington's first drive through pot shop
Crash on in!

The guy responsible did the right thing and didn’t try to drive off so we are thankful to him as well even if we do think he needs to go back to driver’s ed.


Welcome to PuffNChill!

Welcome to PuffNChill, formerly “High On 99”

PuffNChill, formerly High on 99

PuffNChill changed its name from “High On 99” in January of 2017. Since then the store has only continued to improve its vast selection of premium cannabis products from Washington State’s top vendors, including Artizen, Phat Panda, Emerald Evolution, Pioneer, Surefire and many more.

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